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Летние школы PolitiQ – это часть образовательной программы PolitIQ, разработанной при совместном участии факультета политологии МГУ и фонда целевого капитала «Истоки» (учредитель фонда – В.И.Якунин) в целях поддержки обучения нового, международно-интегрированного поколения лидеров политической мысли, способных справляться с вызовами современного развития на глобальном и национальном уровне.

Программа предполагает выплату стипендий на обучение студентов МГУ в летних ведущих зарубежных образовательно-научных центрах, а также программы студенческого обмена.

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The Summer Courses combine the peculiar approaches of every school to political sciences and the vital issues of political development. Learn new approaches to teaching process, try the unique methods and make new friends.

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European and Asian universities – world leaders in the field of political sciences – are the partners of the programme. The Summer Schools of the universities are attended by hundreds of the smartest, most curious and talented students from all over the world every year.

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In this section you can find useful information for students who wish to participate in the PolitIQ Summer Schools. Which documents you need to submit, how to develop your skills in English language for a short period of time, articles and materials about the Summer Schools in English and a lot more. 

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The Faculty of Political Science at MSU and Endowment Fund ISTOKI launch of a new educational programme for political science students


The PolitiQ Summer schools, part of a new initiative run by the MSU Political Sciences faculty and the ISTOKI Endowment Fund, founded by Vladimir Yakunin


Intigam Mamedov is a post-graduate student, member of the Board of Young Scientists of the faculty of political studies at the Moscow State University, a participant of PolitIQ programme which was launched in 2016.

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Summer Schools PolitIQ programme

The next set of participants in the PolitIQ programme Summer Schools will begin in the spring of 2017.

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